The Last Comment Allowed

Our attorney, Brian Sheets, submitted a letter yesterday evening (9/6) via e-mail to NRCS’s Ron Alvarado and Gary Diridoni. The main body is 4 pages with an additional 30 pages of supporting documentation. Here’s the text:

The purpose of the additional 30-day comment period is to allow for new information or claims that issues weren’t adequately addressed in the Final EA and should necessitate an EIS, made it imperative that we give it a shot. If nothing else, a judge should see that we have taken every opportunity to engage in the process where we’ve been allowed. Due to the “new and unaddressed” criterion, you’ll notice the issues raised in this letter are a little more targeted than the wider ranging “complaint” can be. However, the specifics Sheets cites here and the multiple angles of arguement are encouraging.

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