Know Your On-Canal Property Owner’s Rights

THIS HELPFUL DOCUMENT WAS CREATED ON BEHALF OF SAVE ARNOLD CANAL BY S.A.C. ATTORNEY BRIAN SHEETS OF BRS LEGAL, LLC Property Owner (on the AID main canal) Bill of Rights FAQ’s *Note: This document is not legal advice and is only intended to provide basic information about the status of the law. Every situation andContinue reading “Know Your On-Canal Property Owner’s Rights”

The Fix Is In–It’s About The Money…

AID pretends to frame their proposed 13-mile piping project as a fish and threatened species habitat conservation effort—it’s not. This is AID’s federal funding money-grab designed to line their pockets and their out-of-state pipe supplier’s at severe cost to homeowners, the local environment and the upper Deschutes Wild and Scenic Area. Water losses to seepageContinue reading “The Fix Is In–It’s About The Money…”