Why You Should Oppose the Arnold Irrigation Piping Plan

For over 115 years the Arnold Irrigation District (AID) canal has been a resource for all residents of Deschutes County.  The benefits of the canal accrue not only to the agricultural patrons of AID but also to a wider range of residents, wildlife and plants. The proposed piping of Arnold Irrigation Canal should alarm allContinue reading “Why You Should Oppose the Arnold Irrigation Piping Plan”

A Brief History of Arnold Irrigation

Excepts from “The Arnold Project”Toni Rae LinenbergerBureau of Reclamation History ProgramDenver, ColoradoResearch on Historic Reclamation Projects1996 Originally, the Deschutes River was known by the Klamath tribe as, Kolamkeni Koke, or “place where the wild root kolam grows.” Many years later Lewis and Clark, referred to the river by another Indian name Toworenhiooks after sighting itContinue reading “A Brief History of Arnold Irrigation”

What the Historic Flume will look like after AID piping

If you wonder what the Arnold Irrigation Districts plans to bury the Historic Flume will look like, here are two animations to illustrate the damage to the Wild & Scenic Deschutes River. The AID proposal is to build an Oregon State spec. road on top of “engineered fill”. In places the fill and road willContinue reading “What the Historic Flume will look like after AID piping”

A Recap and Update from Save Arnold Canal

Dear Neighbors, We’d like to present a bit of a recap of the recent milestones in the administrative process of the proposed Arnold Irrigation District Infrastructure Modernization project and provide some pertinent information about what our opposition effort has planned going forward. We, like most of you, were made aware of the District’s plan toContinue reading “A Recap and Update from Save Arnold Canal”

Wells, Plants & Wildlife Will be Negatively Affected

While there is an urgent need to conserve irrigation water to maintain more water in the upper Deschutes for threatened species habitat and help struggling farmers, piping causes a massive amount of collateral damage. Piping completely eliminates seepage that infiltrates into the ground and shallow aquifers. As has already been seen after other piping projectsContinue reading “Wells, Plants & Wildlife Will be Negatively Affected”