Wells, Plants & Wildlife Will be Negatively Affected

While there is an urgent need to conserve irrigation water to maintain more water in the upper Deschutes for threatened species habitat and help struggling farmers, piping causes a massive amount of collateral damage. Piping completely eliminates seepage that infiltrates into the ground and shallow aquifers. As has already been seen after other piping projectsContinue reading “Wells, Plants & Wildlife Will be Negatively Affected”

Stop The Pipe! It Doesn’t Work for People.

Starting in 2022, the scenic and ecosystem-sustaining Arnold Canal could be filled in.Consequences include: • Negatively Impacting Groundwater Wells • Destroying/Damaging Trees and Vegetation• Destroying Wildlife Habitat• Property Damage, Dust and Noise During Construction• Reducing Property Value This seven-year, $42 Million project will help few and harm many. Not even AID’s irrigating patrons are confidentContinue reading “Stop The Pipe! It Doesn’t Work for People.”