Save Arnold Canal

Save Arnold Canal is a diverse group of Deschutes County residents who share serious concerns about Arnold Irrigation District’s proposed main canal piping project.

Arnold Irrigation District is focused on receiving $42,759,000 in federal and state grant money that has been made available for piping but there are better and less expensive ways for the District to meet its obligations set forth in the Deschutes Basin Habitat Conservation Plan.

Save Arnold Canal is hopeful that the National Resources Conservation Service will decide that an Environmental Impact Statement is necessary to take the required hard look at the available solutions that may be brought to bear on this matter. There are better, multi-faceted ways to approach our water resource challenges, and we are making our opposition to Arnold Irrigation District’s proposed pipeline a first step toward a more collaborative path forward.

Informational VIDEOS

This video shows in dramatic aerial drone imagery the natural beauty we stand to lose if the Arnold canal is piped, with a stark comparison to the devastation that piping has caused along Tumalo Irrigation District’s canal. This video takes a look at the damage that piping will cause to the existing open canal ecosystemContinue reading “Informational VIDEOS”


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